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Our goal is to make wines that taste delicious while being true to our beliefs of intervening as little as possible in the natural progression of grape to wine. We are constantly striving towards sourcing fruit that is farmed using sustainable or organic practices. In the cellar we take a minimal intervention approach, only doing things that benefit the health of the wine and not to manipulate the flavors towards a style that our vineyards are not naturally inclined to produce. Each year we are trying to move farther away from the use of commercial  yeast and inorganic nutrients, as well as any type of fining or filtration.

We want to provide you with wines that we are proud to produce and wines you will be proud to uncork for friends and family.

Our Wines


Our current release is a single vineyard field blend of Petite Sirah, Syrah, and Zinfandel from Buckeye Ranch. This small hillside  vineyard is located in the Lamorinda AVA just 15 minutes from Berkeley, CA.   The vineyard is harvested all at once and fermented together. This method creates a dry red wine that is smoother and more integrated than if we were to blend the three varietals after aging.  Each varietal contributes an important layer to this elegent blend. The Syrah, gives the deep, smooth, rich fruit backbone to the wine while the Petite Sirah provides the tannic structure on which the rest of the wine is built. The Zinfandel adds the juicy, fruity, mouthwatering components that makes this wine so easy to keep pouring. This vineyard produces a wine that is big and luxurious, but it doesn't leave your pallet exhausted and abused like a big Napa Cabernet might.

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