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About Us


Who Are We?

St. Romedius Wine was founded by Robert and Milli Pintacsi in Napa, CA where they are raising their three young  sons, two dogs, and 6 chickens. The family is a unique mix of two very interesting cultures, Hungarian and Punjabi. This means there are more than three languages spoken in the house and the food is never boring. 

Robert and Milli, though both having grown up in the same East Bay city of Danville, met in 2007 while studying abroad in Florence, Italy and fell in love bonding over travel, food, and wine while exploring their way through Europe. Since before they met, Milli had been an avid cook, with a very sharp pallet and a strong interest in languages, new foods, wine, and travel. Though Robert grew up in a Hungarian family, exposed to wine from an early age, it wasn’t until after he experienced the pleasures of the Italian lifestyle while living in Florence, that he dedicated himself to making winemaking his career path.   

Fast forward through many harvests, countless internships, a degree from UC Davis Viticulture and Enology, an Indian Wedding, a Hungarian wedding, a legal wedding (almost forgot that part), a variety of wine production positions throughout Napa Valley, and we arrive in 2015. While Robert was working as the assistant winemaker at Far Niente and Dolce wineries, the couple wanted to create something through which they could share their love of delicious wine, food, and culture.  Luckily that same year a friend introduced them to the owners of the Buckeye Ranch Vineyard in Lafayette. Thus St. Romedius Wine was born and ever since they've been trying to make wines that are true to their beliefs and values as well as unique and delicious. 


Who the Hell is St. Romedius?

St. Romedius began his life as a son of a nobleman in Austria in the 4th century. He spent most of his time hanging out, alone, meditating in caves.  After his parents died and he gave away all of his possessions, he embarked on a trip across the alps to visit a friend from his childhood, the Bishop of Trento, in Northern Italy.  Along the way his horse was attacked and torn apart by a bear. Instead of killing the bear St. Romedius threw a saddle on it's back and rode him the rest of the way to Trento.

This story, aside from being pretty bad ass, is a symbol of our approach to winemaking.  We feel that through our approach to winemaking we are doing the same with the amazing grapes we are lucky enough to work with. By taking a minimal intervention approach we guide the wines to bottle instead of forcing them into a specific style. But just like a bear being ridden like a horse, sometimes the wine takes a turn in a direction we weren't expecting. This allows us to try new things and gives our wines a unique, raw, rough around the edges, quality, that you don't find anymore in large commercially produced wines.


What's Our Goal?


Our goal is to make wines that taste delicious while being true to our beliefs of intervening as little as possible in the natural progression of grape to wine. We are constantly striving towards sourcing fruit that is farmed using sustainable or organic practices. In the cellar we take a minimal intervention approach, only doing things that benefit the health of the wine and not to manipulate the flavors towards a style that our vineyards are not naturally inclined to produce. Each year we are trying to move farther away from the use of commercial  yeast, additives, as well as any type of fining or filtration.

We want to provide you with wines that we are proud to produce and wines you will be proud to uncork for friends and family.